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Clean Break with Matt Gondek

Oct 28, 2019

Dr. Dax - Visual Artist.

Atlanta's Dr. Dax grew up in a violent world of graffiti and pushing drugs for money. Through hard work and networking, he developed a successful career that spans fine art, murals, music videos and more. Recorded during the Outerspace Mural Festival in Atlanta Georgia. 

IG: @dr.dax

Oct 21, 2019

Greg Mike - Fine Artist and Creative Director. 

Greg Mike is a fine artist, agency owner, gallery owner, and founder of the Outerspace Mural Festival. We touch on each of these during our conversation, learn about his character Larry Loudmouth, and how a skiing accident almost took him out of the art game for good....

Oct 14, 2019

Drew Young - Fine Artist and Creative Director. 

This week we sit down with Drew Young, Fine Artist and Creative Director from Vancouver, Canada. We talk to Drew about the Vancouver Mural Festival and his roles as an Artistic Director. We also talk about his work, his use of oil and acrylic, and how he keeps things...

Oct 8, 2019

The Obanoth - Artist.

The Obanoth, also known as Hannah Webb is a painter currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Her paintings consist of independent shapes, stacked with precision to imply light, texture, and form. We sit down with Hannah and talk about where "The Obanoth" comes from, and her time spent at art school...

Oct 1, 2019

Dennis Osadebe - Artist.

Dennis Osadebe is a Nigerian mixed-media artist best known for his contemporary vibrant post-pop style. This week on Clean Break we chat with Dennis about the images in his work, and what all the different symbols represent. We also talk about the importance of promoting your work, and how...