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Clean Break with Matt Gondek

Sep 24, 2018

Jo Koy - "Standup Comedian of the Year" 2018 - Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.


Jo Koy has been pursuing comedy since the late 80's. Now voted "Standup comedian of the Year", Jo shares stories from his long career. 

IG - @JoKoy

Sep 17, 2018

Alex Pardee - Fine artist, muralist, designer, and toy maker.


Alex Pardee began his art career in the late 90's. Now more than 20 years strong, Alex shares what he's learned over time and gives insight on his different projects.


IG: @AlexPardee

Sep 10, 2018

Fin Dac - Stencil artist and founder of Urban Aesthetics


Fin's urban aesthetic style is a means to help erase negative stereotypes of culturally diverse women. Now traveling the world painting murals as well as exhibiting fine art, we speak to Fin about how important it was for him to follow his passion. 

IG: @

Sep 3, 2018

Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery - Los Angeles based art gallery.

Since 2005 Thinkspace gallery has been showcasing world class artistic talent. Andrew is known for offering no-holds barred advice to artists wanting to show their work in the gallery circuit. We speak to him about exhibiting work, tips for...